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English practising
VioletteDeaule 26 septembre 2021 à 13:11

I am learning English, but I need to practise it.
I am looking for people who want to practise their English : speaking, listening and writing. We could also organize some events online or in person.
Feel free to contact me by message.

Chiarale 26 septembre 2021 à 14:26  •   66550

Hi @Violettedeau, you will probably find here native English speakers. It's the best way to learn a proper english, by writing and talking with them. Have a good day.

Ambre31le 26 septembre 2021 à 21:01  •   66566

Good I need to improve my english also. Then, what do you think of proposing a new topic, just saying at the entrance that we could discuss it in english?

VioletteDeaule 29 septembre 2021 à 22:42  •   66784

I don't know what kind of open topic in English we could create. Like a kind of game maybe ?

Naweez_Heerle 29 septembre 2021 à 22:58  •   66785

Hi all, I'm currently watching The Office again, thr UK version, anyone a fan of this program ? It's my absolute favorite comic show of all time, I've seen each episode something like, what, 20 times. I hadn't watched it for quite a while now, maybe 10 years. It look even more brilliant to me now. Just perfect really. The greatest peace of British comedy of the last 20 years, and that's not me saying.

Ambre31le 29 septembre 2021 à 23:09  •   66786

@Naweez_heer : An apien told me about this program, few months ago but I haven't seen it already. (arrgh, I can't remember if I can use "ago" with preterit). Do you have a free link ?
@VioletteDeau : a game would be great ! Do you or someone else have an idea ? We could just tranpose some of our apiens games in english, like writing poetry, or "who will have the last word", or writing a collective english (funny) story, or...? They might be a lot of funny games, and perhaps specificaly anglo-saxon ...
We could also discuss about movies, but also places we'd like to share or... ?

Naweez_Heerle 29 septembre 2021 à 23:26  •   66787

@Ambre31 no I haven't, I've got the DVDs with me here

VioletteDeaule 30 septembre 2021 à 01:02  •   66788

What about writing limericks ?

Ambre31le 30 septembre 2021 à 07:15  •   66789

Excellent 🙂!

Naweez_Heerle 30 septembre 2021 à 08:51  •   66791

what's a limerick ?

VioletteDeaule 02 octobre 2021 à 21:21  •   66934

It is a quite specific kind of humorous British poems from Ireland which was used during the Victorian period. Maybe it is a bit too challenging because of the rules you need to follow. Don't you think an open subject for writing poetry or songs or stories in English would be easier ?

VioletteDeaule 02 octobre 2021 à 21:27  •   66935

An example of Limerik I just created (not good) : (order of rhymes : aabba, phrases with 'a' are longer, and with 'b' are shorter)
There was a man named Erik Klaus
He lived in Paris with his spouse
One night he met a friend
They painted the town red
Since then he lives in the doghouse

Ambre31le 04 octobre 2021 à 07:24  •   66972

Well, let's see if we can do it.
I guess @Abderian could help a lot also, for Limerick or else 🙂!

Ambre31le 04 octobre 2021 à 08:22  •   66973

Today, is a day that count a little bit more,
For two people I aim this limerick for:
She' celebrating her brithday,
He's meeting his self today.
I'd like to be with them, north's calling as a core.

Abderianle 06 octobre 2021 à 22:07  •   67088

I can't. Simply can't.
Everybody wants me to stop philosophizing, but I Kant.

Ambre31le 06 octobre 2021 à 22:23  •   67091

🙂 @Abderian

And what about a limerick without philosophia?

Abderianle 06 octobre 2021 à 23:02  •   67100

Well, if you insist.

A man without the burden of philosophy
Is for sure something like a nobody;
You can pass through what he says
Since he may not verse all his days:
So what are thoughts without poetry?

Ambre31le 06 octobre 2021 à 23:26  •   67104

Yes! It was a good idea to insist 🙂!

Magda72le 04 novembre 2021 à 14:13  •   68347

Hi! We learned (polite) limericks at school and even with music, great was my surprise when I bought a book with REAL limericks in Ireland some years ago, but here is my attempt for this forum:

I wish you success with your English
Or even the version that´s British
Cos everyone speaks
A version that creaks
That the real English soon will extinguish


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